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Coming Soon: Labor Day Weekend Giveaway Edition

We are going to do something a little different with this installment of Coming Soon. We are coming into the Labor Day weekend which we decided to throw an end of the summer party for all the gamers in the group. This will include a little giveaway of 10 different games! I want to showcase those titles to give everyone a little insight of what will be there and to see what potentially could be coming soon to the tables here at Game Night.

The festivities being 4:00 pm on Sunday, September 1st 2019 at Earthen Ales. We hope to see you there and good luck! Enjoy.

All statistics are provided by Board Game Geek.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Josh over at Power to the Meeple for sponsoring this event.

  • Player Count: 3-6 Players
  • Play Time: 2 Mins
  • Complexity Rating: 1.14 / 5
  • Average Rating: 6.9 / 10 (3.2K Ratings)
  • Simultaneous Action Selection

Description from Publisher

Happy Salmon is a simple, ultra-fast, very silly card game.

There are no turns. Players call out the action shown on their cards as fast as they can. When two players have a match, they celebrate by performing the action. Actions include the classic “High 5”, the unifying “Pound It”, the frantic “Switcheroo”, and the delightful and bizarre “Happy Salmon”.

Each time a player celebrates a match, they quickly discard a card. The first person to get rid of all their cards wins.

The “FIN-tastically” unique and cute fish pouch makes Happy Salmon perfect to take to camp, vacation or if you are just traveling upstream.

  • Player Count: 1-99 Players
  • Play Time: 60 Mins
  • Complexity Rating: 1 / 5
  • Average Rating: 7 / 10 (49 Ratings)
  • Cooperative, Hand Management, and Storytelling

Description from Publisher

For centuries, the Lacoonian System, an alliance of the most advanced civilizations in the galaxy, has lived in peace, but now the Evil Power Master has returned and is leading a destructive rebellion. The Lacoonian System’s Rapid Force crew must band together, follow data and clues the Evil Power Master left behind, and discover his location to defeat him in an epic final battle. Can you restore order to the galaxy?

Explore a brand new co-operative narrative adventure with the next entry in the Choose Your Own Adventure game series: War with the Evil Power Master! Travel to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, make risky choices, collect items, and face off against dire challenges.

  • Player Count: 2 Player
  • Play Time: 45 Mins
  • Complexity Rating: 2.71 / 5
  • Average Rating: 8.1 / 10 (564 Ratings)
  • Card Game

Description from Publisher

Journey deeper into the world of the Crucible in Age of Ascension, the second age of KeyForge! In this continuation of the world’s first Unique Deck Game, you will find 204 new cards seamlessly integrated into the card pool, creating an entirely new collection of Archon Decks for you to discover, explore, and master!

The KeyForge: Age of Ascension Two-Player Starter provides you with all the tools you need to either begin or expand your adventures on the Crucible, featuring two unique Age of Ascension Archon Decks, a Quickstart Rulebook, two Poster Playmats, and all the keys, tokens, and chain trackers you and your opponent need to start playing!

  • Player Count: 2-6 Players
  • Play Time: 10-15 Minutes
  • Complexity Rating: 1 / 5
  • Average Rating: 6.4 / 10 (110 Ratings)
  • Racing Game

Description from Publisher

Wacky Races: The Board Game puts players in the “driver’s seat” with control of their favorite drivers from the cartoon series, including The Slag Brothers, The Gruesome Twosome, Penelope Pitstop, Peter Perfect, and more, each with their own car equipped with special abilities. They compete against each other as well as the game-controlled, mustachioed Dick Dastardly and his wheezy pup Muttley.

Races are simple, yet strategic, as players place cards indicating the terrain tiles to which their racer will move, with the last card played indicating where Dastardly and Muttley will end up. However, it wouldn’t be wacky without a little trouble standing in the way. Racers need to dodge or negate traps set by Dastardly as he attempts to stay ahead of the pack. Racers can choose between single races lasting 10-15 minutes or the Championship mode, which offers unique rule sets changing from race-to-race before a winner is named.

  • Player Count: 2-6 Players
  • Play Time: 20 mins
  • Complexity Rating: 1 / 5
  • Average Rating: 6.8 / 10 (706 Ratings)
  • Dexterity Game

Description from Publisher

All you need in Catch the Moon are a few skillfully placed ladders, a good sense of balance, and a touch of imagination. The moon waits impatiently for your arrival, but she’s a sensitive lady and the smallest mistake can make her cry. The right mix of skill and luck will help you become the most agile dreamer…

  • Player Count: 1-4 Players
  • Play Time: 20 Mins
  • Complexity Rating: 1.18 / 5
  • Average Rating: 7 / 10 (4.3K Ratings)
  • Tile Placement, Pattern Building, and Simultaneous Action Selection

Description from Publisher

Numbers aren’t worth anything in NMBR 9 unless they’re off the ground floor and looking down from above.

The game includes twenty cards numbered 0-9 twice and eighty tiles numbered 0-9; each number tile is composed of squares in some arrangement. After shuffling the deck of cards, draw and reveal the first card. Each player takes a number tile matching the card and places it on the table. With each new card drawn after that, each player takes the appropriate number tile, then adds it to the tiles that they already have in play, with each player building their own arrangement of tiles.

The new tile must touch at least one other tile on the same level along one side of a square. A tile can also be placed on top of two or more other tiles as long as no part of the new tile overhangs the tiles below it; new tiles placed on this same level must touch at least one other tile, while also covering parts of at least two tiles and not overhanging.

Once all the cards have been drawn and the tiles placed, players take turns calculating their score. A tile on the bottom level — the 0th level, if you will — scores 0 points; a tile on the 1st level above this is worth as many points as the number on the tile; a tile on the 2nd level is worth twice the number on the tile; etc. Whoever scores the most points wins!

  • Player Count: 2-6 Players
  • Play Time: 50 Mins
  • Complexity Rating: 2.41 / 5
  • Average Rating: 7.1 / 10 (3.6K Ratings)
  • Variable Player Powers, Take That, and Hand Management

Description from Publisher

In Villainous, each player takes control of one of six Disney characters, each one a villain in a different Disney movie. Each player has their own villain deck, fate deck, player board, and 3-D character.

On a turn, the active player moves their character to a different location on their player board, takes one or more of the actions visible on that space (often by playing cards from their hand), then refills their hand to four cards. Cards are allies, items, effects, conditions, and (for some characters) curses. You need to use your cards to fulfill your unique win condition.

One of the actions allows you to choose another player, draw two cards from that player’s fate deck, then play one of them on that player’s board, covering two of the four action spaces on one of that player’s locations. The fate deck contains heroes, items, and effects from that villain’s movie, and these cards allow other players to mess with that particular villain.

  • Player Count: 1-4 Players
  • Play Time: 90-120 Mins
  • Complexity Rating: 2.99 / 5
  • Average Rating: 7.8 / 10 (7K Ratings)
  • Action Point Allowance System, Set Collection, Tile Placement, and Worker Placement

Description from Publisher

In Dinosaur Island, players will have to collect DNA, research the DNA sequences of extinct dinosaur species, and then combine the ancient DNA in the correct sequence to bring these prehistoric creatures back to life. Dino cooking! All players will compete to build the most thrilling park each season, and then work to attract (and keep alive!) the most visitors each season that the park opens.

Do you go big and create a pack of Velociraptors? They’ll definitely excite potential visitors, but you’d better make a large enough enclosure for them. And maybe hire some (read: a lot of) security. Or they WILL break out and start eating your visitors, and we all know how that ends. You could play it safe and grow a bunch of herbivores, but then you aren’t going to have the most exciting park in the world (sad face). So maybe buy a roller coaster or two to attract visitors to your park the good old-fashioned way?

  • Player Count: 2-4 Players
  • Play Time: 45 Mins
  • Complexity Rating: 1.99 / 5
  • Average Rating: 7.7 / 10 (7K Ratings)

Description from Publisher

In The Quacks of Quedlinburg, players are charlatans — or quack doctors — each making their own secret brew by adding ingredients one at a time. Take care with what you add, though, for a pinch too much of this or that will spoil the whole mixture!

Each player has their own bag of ingredient chips. During each round, they simultaneously draw chips and add them to their pot. The higher the face value of the drawn chip, the further it is placed in the swirling pattern. Push your luck as far as you can, but if you add too many cherry bombs, your pot explodes!

At the end of each round, players gain victory points and also coins to spend on new ingredients to add to their bags. But players with exploded pots must choose points or coins — not both! The player with the most victory points at the end of nine rounds wins the game.

  • Player Count: 3-5 Players
  • Play Time: 60-90 Mins
  • Complexity Rating: 2.18 / 5
  • Average Rating: 7.1 / 10 (384 Ratings)
  • Dice Rolling, Commodity Speculation, Press Your Luck, Set Collection, and Worker Placement

Description from Publisher

Fool’s Gold takes place during the gold rush of 1849. Players are investors who send prospectors on a quest to find gold at various locations — in the mountains, in a forest, at a river, etc. — with each location having perils, gems, quantities of gold and bountiful supplies of silt. As players remove valuable gold cards from the location decks, silt becomes more prominent and gold harder to find.

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