Hello! From Traverse City Board Gamers

Today we will be riding birds into aerial combat.  Tomorrow we will be building an amusement park for working robots.  After that? Perhaps we will take a pilgrimage down an ancient road in feudal Japan.  Next week we will defend the planet from deadly diseases.  Welcome to the world of modern board games.

We are the Traverse City Board Gamers, and we hope to bring the extensive world of board games to your table. Often, the first board games to come to mind are classics like Monopoly, Risk, and Chess. However, we are currently in the midst of a board game renaissance, and hundreds of new titles are being developed and published every year. These modern games offer much more than a simple distraction when there is nothing good on television. The variety of these new games means there is something for everyone to enjoy, regardless of age or experience. These exciting games can bring us closer to friends and family, and allow people to make new friends by sharing something fun and eliminating the awkwardness that can come with meeting new people. They can even give your brain a little escape from the daily grind, and give families one-on-one time, away from digital media. We at T.C.B.G. want to bring the world of modern board games to our community.

Traverse City Board Gamers has grown since it was founded in early 2015, and we are working to continue that growth into the new year, and years to come. Our vision for the group is to strengthen the bond of our small community in the Traverse City area. Through playing board games, we can meet our neighbors and share our lives with them. Our goal is to host board game events such as tournaments and conventions, which will be fun for the community, and allow us to give back to the city we love.

We are the Traverse City Board Gamers. Happy Gaming!

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