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A Place at the Table: Gaming podcasts with special guest Power to the Meeple

Well, hello there, gamers! I hope the weekend treated you well and that you had a chance to play some board games. Today’s subject is podcasts. Yes, podcasts. As a member of the Xennial generation, podcasts are a part of my everyday life. I may not listen to them every single day, but Number One does, and he shares with me the things that he listens to. As you may know, there are podcasts for just about every interest under the sun. Board games are no exception! There are a variety of board game podcasts available for you to listen to.

As part of the Traverse City Board Gamers, I’ve had a chance to meet Josh from Power to the Meeple. Josh has a board game related podcast (a podcast where our TCBG creator and leader, Kyle, has been a guest). So, it only seemed fitting that I reach out to Josh and ask him some questions to get some of his views on podcasts.

Podcasts aren’t generally interactive on the listener’s part. You download it. You listen to it. You may decide to leave a comment or not, but that is really it. While I don’t want to generalize, as board gamers, most of us enjoy being social and interacting with other people. Unless you are having a listening party, podcasts are a solo activity. There has to be some benefit to listening to a podcast, right? When I asked Josh what he felt board gamers could gain from listening to a podcast about board games, these were his thoughts:

Gamers can get ideas about game recommendations and things to play especially if they find a podcast with a host whom they agree with. There are so many board games coming out that having someone who kinda plays like you can be helpful in testing things out. They can also gain a community. A lot of podcasts have a nice little community surrounding them via slack, messaging apps, or social media.

Like I said earlier, there are a multitude of podcasts available covering all aspects of board games. There is something for everyone. But in case you have no idea where to start, Josh has kindly offered a selection of his favorite podcasts. Here they are, in no particular order: The Brawling Brothers, The Party Gamecast, Blue Peg Pink Peg, and Mile High Game Guys. And of course, there is Josh’s podcast which can be found on his website and facebook page for Power to the Meeple.

What are the most important elements in a board gaming podcast? That aspect of listening to podcasts will be up to you, the listener.

I would be remiss in this blog post if I didn’t also mention that the Traverse City Board Gamers have a podcast in the works. I’m not sure where we will find ourselves in the mix of podcasts, but I’m sure that we will find our little corner of the airwaves to call home. Please be on the lookout for it in the future!

Have a good week gamers! Number One and I are always looking for new things to listen to, so share your favorite board game podcasts with me!


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    Jim Muratzki
    Sep 20, 2019 8:14 pm

    My favorite podcasts are 5 Games for Doomsday (especially the interviews with designers and the reviews), Ludology, and for a behind the scenes look, the Board Game Design Lab. And Josh’s, of course! (Love the intro!)

    • Reply
      Kyle Delgado
      Sep 20, 2019 8:45 pm

      I do quite enjoy the 5 Games for Doomsday Podcast. Very entertaining.

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    Matthew Franz
    Sep 20, 2019 10:19 pm

    Good article and I echo the shows that Josh mentions. I think podcast are a great way to meet and talk to people from all over the world. I personally co-host a show called CARDBOARD CARNAGE PODCAST and I just love interacting with some of our listeners from all over the country and world. Plus there are so many types, like ours is about weird topics that we shoe horn board games into. Other shows, like the Dice Tower, are more informative about what’s new. There’s millions of them….I’m sure people will find one to their liking out there. Good luck with your up coming one as well!

    • Reply
      Kyle Delgado
      Sep 20, 2019 11:34 pm

      Thank you for the kind words, Matt. I had a chance to check out your podcast and loved what I heard. Keep up the good work and I look forward to listening to more from you folks over at Cardboard Carnage. Gives us something to strive for.

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