Game Night

Game Night – July 2019

July comes and goes in a flash. Festivals, events, beaches, and lakes fill our time with many activities. It would appear from the statistics this month that many have put the gaming on the back burner for a short while. Who could blame them with this gorgeous weather which we can only enjoy for a short time? Let’s take a look at the happens last month at Game Night.


  • Plays: 27
  • Games Played: 22
  • New Games Played: 4
  • Players: 29
  • Locations: 6
  • Time Spent Gaming: Approx. 17 Hours
  • H-Index: 2 (2 games were played at least 2 times)

Game Night Pictures

Top Played Games

New Games Played

Top 3 Players

Kate Homminga

  • 12 Plays
  • 10 Different Games Played
  • 4 Wins
  • 33% Win Percentage

Abigail Homminga

  • 12 Plays
  • 9 Different Games Played
  • 4 Wins
  • 33% Win Percentage

Esther Kollhoff

  • 7 Plays
  • 5 Different Games Played
  • 1 Win
  • 14% Win Percentage

My Favorite Game of the Month


I’ve really become drawn to tableau-building in games. The idea of building something up from nothing and having the functions of it working efficiently is quite satisfying. This scratches that itch and adds a little something more to the mix. Resource management, area control, and action selection all come together in a beautifully elegant way that is a joy to play and potentially master.

Player Spotlight

Bryan Alan

  • 199 Logged Plays
  • 107 Different Games Played
  • 65 Different Opponents/Teammates
  • 15% Total Win Percentage
  • H-Index: 5 (Played 5 different game at least 5 times)
  • Highest Win Percentage in a Single Game (Min 5 Plays): Scythe with 20% Win Percentage
  • Most Played Game: Scythe with 10 logged plays

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