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A Place at the Table: Earthen Ales

Hello again, gamers! On this edition of A Place at the Table, I thought that I’d introduce you to the owners of Earthen Ales, Jamie and Andrew. Earthen Ales is the local brewery where the Traverse City Board Gamers host their weekly board Game Nights on Sundays. You can find them in the Grand Traverse Commons under the water tower. Let’s get to know them a little better, shall we.

How did you wind up in Traverse City?

Neither one of us is from Michigan, but it’s where we met (and we can’t imagine being anywhere else!) We had a good friend that grew up in the area, and Andrew eventually followed him up to Northport to grow vegetables. We fell in love with northern Michigan and started plotting our move here. It’s a great community and a great beer community.

What is your relationship with board games?

We started playing board games pretty early on in our relationship. We definitely are very competitive with one another. As Kyle likes to point out, we like “classic” board games….Agricola, Dominion, Forbidden Desert, and Tsuro to name a few. Playing a board game, especially in such a digital era, is a way to slow down, engage in intentional conversations, and, of course, stragegize!

Earthen Ales with the iconic water tower on the front lawn.

If you were to make a beer for the TCBG, what would it be?

You guys are a diverse set of drinkers. Obviously, there are lot of fun board game puns we could try…Ticket to Rye comes to mind. If we had to narrow it down to one, probably a sessionable beer. Something you could drink for a couple of hours while playing a longer game. We also particularly enjoy beating Kyle, so maybe Kyle’s Folly. We’re thinking a dry-hopped session pale ale with Galaxy hops. You guys have played a lot of Terraforming Mars lately, so Galaxy hops seems appropriate.

If you had the chance to sit down and play a game with us, what game would we play?

We’ve sat down and played a few games with the TCBG before! We really enjoy Dominion. It’s a fast paced game that is easy to pick up and is easy to change up. You can easily play the same set of cards, but challenge yourself to try different strategies. Or you can completely change the card set up for a totally different game. It’s a good mix of luck and strategy. Recently, we’ve been exploring Dominion Nocturne which introduces some new mechanics.

There you have it, gamers. The next time you find yourself under the water tower (and you really should find yourself under the water tower at least once), stop by and have a pint of beer. Earthen Ales always seems to have some event lined up, so there is something for everyone. Make sure to stop by some time when they have The Cheese Lady in house making grilled cheese sandwiches. I hear they sold out quickly the last time that event happened.

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