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A Place at the Table: Josiah

The Traverse City Board Gamers is a fairly diverse group. We have members of all playing strengths and all ages. Our youngest players are in their teens. Today’s introduction is one of these younger members, Josiah. Josiah first started attending game nights with his dad, Matthew, in 2017. We have all enjoyed playing with the both of them since they started attending. Without further ado, let’s introduce Josiah.

Josiah carefully considering his opponent.

What is your favorite board game, and why is it your favorite board game?

Terraforming Mars is my favorite. I love how complicated it is. You can use a different strategy every time you play because there are so many different variables.

What have you learned from playing board games?

I’m sure that I’ve learned a lot, but I find it hard to explain off the top of my head. I’ve learned mostly strategies like resource management, negotiating with others, and also how to bluff.

Author’s note: Resource management often happens over several rounds, so I’d say that this teaches planning ahead. And negotiating with others is a useful skill for the future in job interviews and other situations.

Do you ever feel like people underestimate you when playing games with you because you are a teenager?

Yes. I find that it happens most with people who I’ve never played with before. It used to happen more often last year when I was shorter.

This blogger can attest to the fact that new gamers have underestimated Josiah when it comes to Terraforming Mars. They think that because he is a teenager, he won’t know what he is doing or that they can attempt to pull the wool over his eyes. It’s quite satisfying to watch Josiah beat the pants off these people. All it takes is one game with Josiah, and gamers realize that he is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to board games.

Always be cautious when challenging Josiah at his favorite game.

What is your favorite thing about playing games with TCBG?

I often get to play games that are new to me. And there are some really nice people in the group.

It is always fun to play with Josiah and the other younger members of our group. They often provide a new perspective on the game. And sometimes, they come up with strategies that would have never occurred to me. If you happen to find yourself in Traverse City, and you’ve got some teenagers with you, please stop by. We’d love to play games with them.  

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