Game Night

Game Night – 2018


2018 was filled with a pitter-patter of rolled dice and the crisp sounds of the riffle shuffle.  We played a lot of games and enjoyed every precious second at the table.   I hope you are able to reflect back onto 2018 with fond memories at the Game Night tables.  

This special Game Night review will be focused on 2018 as a whole – All the games, friends, and moments we experienced.   Hopefully, throughout this writing, you are able to remember some of these times with as much fondness as I.  

2018 Statistics

  • Plays –     502
  • Games –     209
  • New Games –     76
  • Number of Players –     100
  • Locations –     14
  • Approximate Time Gaming:     284 hours
  • Days playing Games –     129

Top Played Games of 2018

My Top 5 Games of 2018

My Resolutions for 2019

Cheers to 2018 and all of your experiences: The games we played, the friends made, and times we had were the stuff of legend. I enjoyed our time together and hope you the best. Now get the hell out of here 2018! Make way for 2019.

This New Year is a new beginning for the Traverse City Board Gamers. I have lots of big ideas that I want to implement that I want to share with you all on this Game Night review.

Viticulture at Bonobo Winery

To begin, I believe Game Night has become it own living and breathing entity: A child with rosy cheeks, a can-do attitude, and enough moxie to drive itself places. I always cared for it like any parent with the nourishment and care I believed it needed to sustain. This child has grown into its own and has bloomed into a young adult. Now, as with any parent, I’ve found the need to kick this kid out the door to find a job, figuratively speaking.

What this means for the dynamic of Game Night going forward is a more hands-off approach. I would like the “Commoners” to Game Night to take on a more involved role with operations of Game Night. This includes the handling of new players, the game library itself, assigning games to play, and teaching of games.

Everdell at the Grand Traverse Commons

I will be bringing a more focused collection to Game Night weekly that will include 4 or 5 titles. The Commoners seem to have established quite the selection of games and I would like them to be able to establish themselves as Game Masters as well.

These changes will start to manifest itself into the Game Night review as it will become more streamlined and simple. I’ll be posting the pictures of games we played along with a short statistic section on one game in particular. I’m hoping this makes the process faster and easier so I can focus on my next 2019 resolution.

Cash N’ Guns at Earthen Ales

The website here has found itself 4 new contributors over the past year. Each piece they write provides me the motivation and insight into my own writing: Grammatically, subjectively, and narratively. I want to be more creative with the posts that I write so you, the reader, can truly understand what it is like being apart of this group or a board game group in general. I feel like the Game Night review got into the way of that and needs a redirect. This has birthed the brainchild of The Board Game Diary.

This new post will be my main focus moving forward and the Game Night review will be supplementary. Each Board Game Diary will be about anything and everything gaming. This may include a game review, gaming philosophy, or just generalized thoughts. This content will be coming from my own personal entries from my Board Game Diary that I’ll have on hand to record my thoughts as I have them about the games we are playing.

My Little Scythe at Earthen Ales

My one true goal among all these resolutions is to make a more cohesive gaming group that all members, new or old commoners, can appreciate and love. One that can adapt to the ever-changing environment that is the Traverse City Board Gamers.

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