Game Night

Game Night – October 1st-7th, 2018



This will be our first Game Night post with our new format.  I hope you enjoy the new look and feel.

We start things off with a look at all the games we played this week with some game statistics.  This month is Spooky Game Nights at Earthen Ales which means all horror-themed games.  All of which is sure to cause some chills.  Hopefully some fun too.  Be sure to click on each picture to see those sweet stats.

It’s the start of a month so we need to see our statistics from last month.  It was a very busy month for the T.C.B.G. crew.

Finally, we wrap things up with some games to be on the lookout for next week.  Remember that Spooky Game Night is all throughout October so you still have some time to sneak in your favorite horror-themed game.  Stop on by this Sunday at 4:00 pm at Earthen Ales for the fun.


Games Played


Click on each image to receive our group’s statistics on each of these games.


September Statistics


Plays     –     69  (+18 from August)

Games     –     52 (+19 from August)

New Games     –     23 (+15 from August)

Players     –     30  (+9 from August)

Time Playing     –     35 hours  (+9 from July)

Days of the Month Playing Games     –     14  (+7 from July)

H-Index     –     3  (3 games were played at least 3 times)

Top Logged Player     –     Kyle Delgado (38 Games Played with 40 Logged plays)

Most Different Games Played     –     Kyle Delgado  (38 Different Games Played)

Most Total Wins     –     Kyle Delgado  (17)

Highest Win Percentage (More than 5 Plays)     –     Esther Kollhoff  (53%)

Most Played Game by Different Players     –     Nut So Fast, Seikatsu, and Kingdomino (8 Different Players)

Most Played Game     –     Tak (5 Plays)


On Tap Next Week


Click on the images to get a brief description of each game on tap next week.



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