Game Night

Game Night – September 19th-30th, 2018



New and improved will the be the motto moving forward for the Traverse City Board Gamers website and this includes the Game Night Review.

We will be changing things up a bit by focusing on ‘Game Night’ specifically.  Your favorite segments like ‘The Benac Briefing’ and ‘Next Time with Noller’ will no longer be included here but rather their own blog posts.   My ‘Analysis’ segment will also be held off the ‘Game Night Review’ and will be separate.

We will be adding more content as the weeks’ progress as we solidify our strategy for writing these posts.

For now, enjoy a new ‘Games Played’ with included statistics of the games we played these weeks at Game Night.


Games Played


Welcome to the new and hopefully improved ‘Games Played’ segment where we show you all the games we played this week.

Click on any of the pictures to see all the gathered statistics of our plays.




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