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Game Night – June 17th, 2018



This night carried with it a different feel than normal Game Nights.  Many of the older generation TCBG members stopped in to play some games which made for a very in-depth Game Night.  We did see one new face to the table that is always refreshing but I do like to see the friendly faces from our humble beginnings.  Future Game Nights will more than likely see an influx of games that have more depth as this was a very fun evening for me and the group seemed to adapt nicely.

I’m also planning on implementing a sign-up sheet that will allow players to post a game and a time for play.  This way players can control the player count they would like and if they desire, control the players that will play.  The group is very much a melting pot of sorts and it is something that I would like to continue with in the future.  It almost feels like a weekly convention setting with many different players from several walks of life coming together to enjoy the hobby.  What I don’t want to do is to force players to play with the players that they would rather not play with or play games with a player count that drags the game out too much.  My wish is that every player can come to Game Night, visit with friends, play some games, and enjoy all the benefits that board gaming has to offer.  


Games Played





World’s Fair 1893






Terraforming Mars



BANG! The Dice Game









Snake Oil






Total Plays at Game Night –  6

Last Played at Game Night –  July 2nd, 2017

Top Ranked Player –  Kyle D. (5 Wins, 45% Win Percentage)

Top Score –  36 (Esther K. on August 27, 2016)

Most Total Plays –  Kyle D. (11 Plays)

Longest Win Streak –  4 (Kyle D.)

Current Win Streak –  2 (Esther K.)


I feel like I need to start this Game Night review of Viticulture with a few caveats.  First of all, this is my favorite game and would play this endlessly without complaint.  I also have the Tuscany expansion with this game and I would say this game almost demands it.  The experience is so much more fulfilling with it so keep that in mind while I talk about this title.  I own the original copies and not the essential copies so I don’t know what is included or not included in the essential Viticulture and Tuscany boxes.  I would imagine that it is pretty simple but it would all be speculative.

I’m always a bit skeptical about bringing this title to Game Night.  I worry very much about this game being spilled on and ruined.  It is my favorite of course so I have a parental form of protection over it.  This particular Game Night, I wanted to include some of the gamers in the group on why I love this title so much.  I mustered the courage to bring it and set it up.  It was a big hit and I had lots of great experiences and thoughts that I wanted to share on the review.

The game comes with several modules that you can add to your game to add depth and complexity.  We did use quite a bit but not all.  I was teaching this fresh to a few people at the table and didn’t want to overwhelm any more than I already knew I was going to do so.  We played with the extended board, Formaggio, advanced visitors, property, Mamas and Papas expansion materials.  Most of these expansions, excluding the Formaggio expansion, are pretty seamless and integrate very well so I wasn’t worried about a teaching aspect.  The “Cheese” or Formaggio expansion was my one worry in this teaching game but it seemed to be of little issue and people picked up on it quickly.  There are a few more expansions in the Tuscany box that we didn’t have the opportunity to play but that will be for the next time we play.

This play of Viticulture had some wonderful moments that had me excited from start to finish.  The thrill of being able to share my favorite game with some new players, having a new player in the last place take victory from at the last possible opportunity, and having a player say that they didn’t think they would like the game then have them glowing about the game afterward.  We even saw several different strategies at the table which spoke to its diverse nature.  One player decided that they were not going to make wine and focus on a point system based on winery tours and visitors.  That player was in the lead for the majority of the game which speaks to the validity of the strategy.  This was a very positive response and gameplay that I really enjoyed.

This game was a great experience that I definitely want to repeat at a later date.  It doesn’t see the table time that I would like to see.  I want everyone to experience this game and see everything that it has to offer.  I going to make an effort to bring this again and hopefully, my protective nature doesn’t block this one from being played in the future.

Learn how to play Viticulture (1st Edition) with this YouTube video from Watch it Played.

Learn how to play the Tuscany expansion (1st Edition) for Viticulture with this YouTube video from Watch it Played.



Total Plays at Game Night –  7

Last Played at Game Night –  June 3rd, 2018

Top Ranked Player –  Kyle D. (3 Win, 25% Win Percentage)

Top Score –  10 (Esther K. on December 7th, 2015)

Most Total Plays –  Kyle D. (12 Plays)


Green Couch Games seems to have the filler card games figured out.  They have been in rotation at our Game Nights for quite some time.  These titles include Best Treehouse Ever and Wok on Fire.  These games usually come in a fairly small box with not much more than a simple deck of cards.  This game has seen lots of play as of late and has received much praise which I want to voice my opinion on.

Fidelitas is a hand management style game about a small medieval city.  Each player will be playing cards that represent citizens in various locations in the city.  Each citizen played has a unique effect that triggers upon placing them in a location.  These effects will manipulate the other citizens in these locations.  The effects may be moving citizens around, protecting certain citizens, or removing citizens from the city.  These manipulations help each player complete mission cards that need certain board states to be true before scoring.  The first player to reach a certain score based on player count will be declared the winner.

This is a hateful little game at times that each player needs to not take too seriously.  The board is being adjusted and altered every turn so one player may be actively trying to move citizens to a location and another be moving them away from that location.  It’s a constant push and pull that you really need to be paying attention to so your never trying too hard to accomplish something that will take you too long.  The game is a race, in fact, so every turn is important.  I’ve played this now with several players and the reviews from them are all over the place.  Some say that they will never play this game again and others cannot get enough.  Personally, I feel this game definitely has a place at Game Night.  It’s light enough to explain quickly and plays fairly quickly.  I will admit that it can be frustrating to new players if they are too stubborn on certain mission cards.  I’ve seen some players never give up on a mission card they were holding and end the game with zero points.  If taken lightly, then this game can be a lot of fun.  Check it out!

Watch how Fidelitas is played by watching this YouTube video from Rahdo Runs Through.


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