Game Night 2

Game Night – April 22nd 2018



This Sunday was Earth Day which prompted a game selection that was focused on such.  Games like Photosynthesis were brought in hopes to teach some new titles to the game night regulars and newcomers.  Only a couple of these titles saw play this Sunday but I like the idea of having themes to the evening.  I’m considering having this be something we continue with in the future.


Games Played




Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure






What’s Up


Bloodborne: The Card Game


Dead of Winter


Love Letter





Unfortunately, I was unable to play this title as this was a very desired game to be played.  It’s easy to see why as the game look beautiful.  All the individual tree standees look amazing when the forest really starts to grow.  I acquired the game after seeing the production value and looking over the rules.  The game appeared to be quite simple in gameplay but had loads of depth which is exactly what we look for in a game for our game nights.  Each tree placement in the forest has effects on both end game points and solar power which is the economy of the game.   It mixes tactics of tree placement and timing.  I love the spacial elements in the game along with its strategic planning.

I was excited to see this game at the table again as the first time it was played the game was played incorrectly.  This particular game was a four-player outing with 3 new players and 1 player that played incorrectly the first time.  It seems like everyone that played had a good time with the game and will see some future play at game night.  I, myself, would love to play this title soon as I have yet to play this game. The point spread on this particular game seemed vast but that may be because of its new players and concepts.  This is something that I plan to look for in future plays to see if it becomes an issue.

Here is some insight from a player.

“I enjoyed it.  I think maybe I could use a little bit of strategic thinking about it.  I suddenly realized that others had way more trees out than I did, and then Ryan (winning player) was getting double-digit sun power and I was less than six every time, that lack really showed up.  I retired a big tree very early when I could’ve used it for extra sun power and waited to turn it in until much later.  Ryan held onto a couple tall trees, especially the one in the center of the board that really limited other peoples sun power options.  There was one direction where Candis got zero power every turn.”  David Noller



Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure

This has become a game night favorite with many of the attendees having their own copy.  The game has several expansions and stand-alone games out now which speak to its popularity.  The game has players entering a dungeon and racing to gather treasures inside and then racing out before the dragon inside knocks out the players.  It has been quite some time since I had played this game and I had forgotten many things that became obvious quickly.

The beginning of Clank started like many other deck-building games I’ve played in the past with a focus on purchasing power and grabbing gold (victory points).  I hadn’t accounted or remembered the breakneck speed at which this game moves.  The other players at the table seemed more focused on movement which played into the speed of the game.  Bruce and Matt (other players) moved quickly to the bottom of the dungeon and grabbed the most 1st and 2nd most precious artifacts in the dungeon respectively.  Thankfully, I noticed this early enough to adapt my strategy to collect gold and artifacts in the top levels.  If I couldn’t get the most precious artifacts then I would collect a massive bulk of artifacts of lower bulk to make it up.  All of the players were able to make it out of the dungeon before the dragon killed any of us which ended the game.  We then ended with a three-way tie at 104 points with the tiebreaker going to the player with the most precious artifact (Bruce).

This was a wonderful game experience that ended in a nail-biting fashion.  I can definitely see the widespread appeal of the game and look forward to more plays of this game.




I haven’t played Istanbul in a couple years.  I don’t have this in the game group collection but it is one that has been on my radar since I had played it.  I enjoy the Mancala style of gameplay that has players dropping off workers at action tiles on a grid and taking actions.  The goal of the game is to be the first player to collect 5 gems.  Managing your trade caravan is the entirety of the game and is a beast to manage as your range of movement, caravan capacity, and workers available are limited.

I enjoyed our game very much.  The strategies I employed were a little short-sighted in retrospect which I plan to change in the future.  I was able to keep up a pace to attain 4 gems quickly but found myself stumbling on the fifth.  The resources needed to attain the final gem would have taken a lot of time that I couldn’t afford.  I lost but with a lot of insight into the next game that I play.

I’m not sure if I want to add this to the collection as this is owned by a new player to the group and comes quite frequently.  I think this will be something that I’ll simply request be brought if the urge to play arises.




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    David Noller
    Apr 25, 2018 2:13 am

    I love the fact that as a relatively new board game aficionado, I’m constantly playing games that are “new” to me—even when they’re classics to everyone else. I assume that everyone is jealous of my “everything old is new again” experience of games.

    • Reply
      Kyle Delgado
      Apr 29, 2018 10:29 am

      I think you may be overstating just how experienced all the other players at the table.

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