Quick Looks Review – The Prodigals Club

You are well-to-do gentlemen of Victorian England and are bored with your life of luxury.  It’s time to have a competition with your high class friends to see who can destroy their social standing more thoroughly.  You will be doing this by losing votes in an election, destroying your reputation among the social elite, and selling off all your possessions and losing your money.

My First Play Opinion

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We played the game based off the instructions suggestion and played only two of the three modules.  In this game we decided to play the possessions module and the high society module.  They seemed like the most interesting to me and the political module seemed a little too close to home with the current political turmoil.

The initial dive into this experience was a bit rough with lots of icons that needed to be deciphered.  This obviously was a heavier game so it comes with the territory but I always feel that too much icons and not enough description at a glance can really slow down the game for new players.  It’s also an issue for players who can get easily frustrated when they are stumbling thru their first game.

At first glace, the game is very reminiscent of the era that the game takes place in.  All the card artwork has great Victorian style which makes the humor on the cards all the more glaring.  Every little card in this box has some little nugget of humor and narrative that was just delightful.  The theme and narrative of this game really grabbed my attention and held tight throughout.  I was found myself wanting to follow along with every other players card plays to build a story around each players strategy.

The game play itself seems to be very cohesive but for some at the table had a slightly harder time latching on to the concept of trying to lose everything as opposed to getting everything.  I also found the balancing of the two modules to be quite a challenge.  I found myself setting up a system to drop my social standing first which I seemed to have a understanding of the strategy first.  It wasn’t until mid game that I even considered the possessions I had.  I feel the game would be quite the experience if you were to use all three of the modules at once and trying to manage that.

As of the first play of The Prodigals Club, I say this game is a easy dive into a heavier game experience with the narrative reference point that I feel holds others from a more broad of an audience.  I’m very excited to jump back into it and give a more detailed review of this game.


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