Our Charter

We, the Traverse City Board Gamers, have set forth this charter to have the record set straight to the rules and regulations of the group.  These rules may or may not be adjusted with time as the group grows and evolves.


This charter will address these issues.

  • Who is this group for?
  • What is the purpose of this group?
  • How does the communication in the group work?
  • Who is the host and what is their duties?
  • What is expected of the players that attend our events?


Who the group is for

  • Any and all ages of board gamers of the Traverse City area and the surrounding area.
  • Anyone who is interested in the hobby of modern board gaming.
  • No experience is needed to attend but it never hurts.


The purpose of the group

  • Bring the community together and build new relationships with the people that share our city.
  • Play classic games and teach players the possibilities of new modern board games.


Communications of the Group

  • During game events, all questions and communications will be handled by the assigned host.
  • Online communications will be handled through www.traversecityboardgamers.com or through the Facebook page.
  •  E-mail communications will be through tcboardgamers@gmail.com


Hosting of the Events

  • Hosting of each event will be assigned by the group founding members and will be communicated well in advance of the event.
  • The assigned host will be required to greet all guests of the game group and make sure that everyone that comes feels welcome.
  • The assigned host will be required to settle all disputes and situations that may occur throughout the event.  This includes rule infractions that may occur.
  • The assigned host will be provided games to bring to the event that are meant to be shared with the members of the group.
  • Any games that are being borrowed for play must be checked out by the assigned host before being taken.  The game must have an accompanying adult playing with children.  All games borrowed must be checked in by the assigned host and made sure that all components are accounted for.

Players of the Events

  • All players that attend the events will be expected to act in a child safe manner.  Language should be kept in check as well.
  • All players that attend the events will be expected treat the other players at the event with respect.  All incidents of fighting, aggression, sexism, racism, verbal and physical assault will result in immediate banning from future events.  This is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY.
  • All players will be expected to play each game with honesty.  Cheating is not allowed and will be warned for the first time and asked to leave on the second.
  • All players will be expected to treat the games with respect.  Any damage caused by a player will be expected to pay to replace the game.  If the game is not replaced and the owner insists on its replacement then the player that damaged the game will be banned.  Traverse City Board Gamer Group will work with the owner of the game to get it replaced.  Games brought by gamers outside the group will be responsible by the gamers who brought them.
  • All players that have issues or suggestions for future game events should direct them to the assigned host.


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