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Month in Review – March 2016



March was definitely an interesting month for our game group.  Attendance has been slowly on the rise and shows with this months numbers.  The holiday at the end of the month caused a change of location and day of the week.  This went surprisingly well and was received as such.  Here is some of the data from the month.




Total Plays –     48

Number of Different Games Brought (Personally) –     69

Number of Different Games Played –     29

Average Weight (Depth) of Games Played (1-5 scale) –     1.76

Heaviest Game Played –     Dead of Winter

Lightest Game Played –     Candyland

Most Played Short Game (Play time in less than 30 mins) –     Sushi Go

Number of Played Short Games –     13

Most Played Long Game (Play time in 30 mins or more) –     Splendor and Patchwork

Number of Played Long Games –     16






Less is more when it comes to our game nights.  I purposely brought less total games to game night every week and saw that it had little effect on the total amount of games played.  The slight drop from last month could be due to the holiday and the limited amount of time we had to play on the Saturday before Easter.  On average I brought 25 games per game night and saw on average 10 different games played per game night.  40% of the games that were brought saw the table on a weekly basis.  This seemed to have a huge effect on the replays of some of these games.  Games that took approximately 30 mins or less because of the scarcity saw more back to back plays and more requests.  I’m hoping that in the future this helps to solidify the experiences the games provide so they are not soon forgotten.

Another thought that I wanted to share is the benefits I’m starting to see outside the realm of the group.  I’ve noticed that most of the members that come to game night are people that are unfamiliar or new to the area.  Most of the people that come are looking for roots to put down in the community.  They are interested in the games but also in the people that play them.  They are the neighbors that they might not have had an opportunity to meet otherwise.   This really took me back to why we started the group in the first place.  I do love all the games that we get to play but it’s mostly about the people that we get to meet through the experience.  They come from such different walks of life that I’m mostly unfamiliar with.  They are the friends you didn’t know you needed until you were able to share such wonderful moments with them.  It’s truly something that I will cherish for quite some time.





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