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Game Night Statistics – January 2016

We have our weekly game nights on Sunday here in Traverse City, Michigan at Right Brain Brewery.  We enjoy a lot of games and I always wanted to know which ones we play the most.  I’ve compiled some statistics that I found to be interesting and plan to better the collection for our group.  This information may also be helpful for anyone looking to start their own group as well.

All data was collected using



Total Plays  :     41

Number of Different Games Played  :     30

Average Weight (Depth) of Game Played (1-5 scale)  :       1.87

Heaviest Game Played :     Dead of Winter

Lightest Game Played :     Exploding Kittens

Most Played Small Game (Play time less than 30 mins) :     Bang! The Dice Game and Codenames

Number of Small Games Played :     12

Most Played Large Game (Play time more than 30 mins) :    Pandemic

Number of Large Games Played :     18

Highest Win Percentage –  Light Gamer (5 games played or less) :     James at 60%

Highest Win Percentage – Heavy Gamer (More than 5 games played) :     Amanda at 50%



Here are some of the things that I learned from the collected data

  1.  Longer games that are lighter weight get more plays
  2. Small games that are often played multiple times before put away
  3. Amount of games played later in the month increased
  4. Thematic games or games with more narrative receive more play

All of this points to expanding the collection into more diverse themes within the medium to light-medium weight.  They get receive more attention and requests from the attendees.  I also think that the setting for our game nights begs for a more social game experience.  This is reflected by the amount of cooperative and party style games that see the table.

Next month I plan to expand this data into the games that are requested and types of games played.  Both of which will provide an in depth look into what types of games the community prefers.  I also want to start looking into attendance to our game nights to see what can be done in the future to increase this.

Hope to see you all at Game Night next month!


Happy Gaming.



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