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A Place at the Table: Gift Ideas for Board Gamers

Hi guys! As you may (or may not) have noticed, the holiday season is quickly approaching. As a kid, I felt like the holidays took forever to get here. As an adult, the holiday season comes around too quickly, and I never feel like I have enough time to prepare. Number One works for the United State Postal Service, so once Thanksgiving rolls around, he works nonstop (or so it seems). So, I like to get prepared and take care of my present shopping as early as I can. You can consider this your reminder to start your holiday shopping, if you want.

Board gamers are a unique bunch. We all have a weird obsession with board games and board game related stuff. We are always open to receiving board games as a gift, but if you aren’t familiar with the style of board game that your friend likes to play, then you may find it difficult to purchase a board game as a gift. Don’t worry. I’m here to help you. So, let’s take a look at my list of ideas for board gamers.

  1. Upgraded Meeples from Meeple Source – You could say that meeples are the foundation of our board game collections. If you happen to have fancier meeples than what came with the game, your gaming friends are going to notice. And they are going to comment on it.
  2. Upgraded resources – Yes, you can play board games with the cardboard resources from the game. But wouldn’t you rather play Scythe with metal coins rather than cardboard coins? Yes, you would.
  3. Game Organizers from Broken Token – I love love love my wooden organizers for Terraforming Mars. It is so nice to have a spot for everything. It keeps the cards and pieces from going crazy inside of the box. And it decreases your need for small plastic bags.
  4. Card sleeves from your local board game store – Card sleeves are vital for any board game that sees regular play. These sleeves protect your cards from spilled drinks and players bending your cards.
  5. Promotional Items from various places – If you know a gamer who has a favorite game, you can sometimes find promotional items for the game. I was gifted some promotional cards for Terraforming Mars a couple of years ago. These cards weren’t available in the base game, so they are a fun addition to the game because not everyone has them.
  6. Bit bowls from Board Game Geek – Once you’ve started playing board games, you find that many many games have many many small parts that need bowls. Bit bowls are good for holding resources and coins and any other small pieces and parts that your game might have.
  7. Expansions – Board gamers are always on the lookout for the latest expansion for our favorite games. You will need to have a working knowledge of the games that your friends and family have so that you can purchase an expansion.
  8. Dice trays – Any game that has dice in it will need a dice tray. Dice trays help keep your dice from rolling off the table because we all have that one friend who is an energetic dice roller. Dice trays also help protect your table top especially if you have metal dice.
  9. Board game art – Number One and I have unique tastes in the art that adorns our walls (we actually have the steps of the Scientific Method hanging up in our downstairs as art). You can find a variety of board game art on the internet from posters to art made from actual board games.
  10. Board game related clothing – I love a good graphic tee. And if I had a shirt that had the Catan hexes and the saying “Let’s settle this”, you can be guaranteed that I’d wear that shirt all the time.  

I hope this helps you find the perfect holiday gift for your favorite board gamer! If you happen to get one of these as a gift, please let me know. I’d love to see it. Or if I’ve missed anything that you’d love to get as a gift, tell me!

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