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A Place at the Table: Digital Board Games

Hello folks! I hope that everyone has had a good week. I don’t know how many of our readers people who also play video games or computer games are. I, myself, do not play video games or computer games. Board games, for me, are a social event where I can interact with other players and drink a beer. But not everyone feels the same way. Luckily, for these people, there are digital versions of many of the games that are played at weekly board game nights.

I know that Number One has played Ticket to Ride and Carcassone in the digital form. Peep likes to “play” these digital versions as well. He doesn’t play by the rules because he doesn’t quite understand them yet, but it makes him feel like he is participating in the family hobby.

Digital versions of board games are nice because they can allow you to get familiar with the game if you haven’t played before. They are also great if you are having difficulty finding a group of people to play a game with in person.

Here’s the appeal of digital board games for me: you don’t have to set up anything! I don’t know about other gamers, but I have two small kids who want to be involved in everything. This can make setting up a game tricky. Peep and Stormageddon always want to play with the pieces of a game. But, I can’t blame them. Most people stack their meeples or resources in some form. They just want to do the same thing. In digital form, I don’t have to worry about my kids playing with the pieces or knocking them off the table. Not to mention that you don’t have to worry about finding the space to set up the board game. We have a nice long table in our dining room which is perfect for playing board games. However, sometimes the table has books or work papers or school work on it, and I just don’t have the energy to clean the stuff off the table in order to play a game.

Another benefit of digital board games is that you don’t have to find storage for a big box. Storage of board games is something that we all deal with. If you play games in a digital format, then you don’t have to find a place on your shelf for yet another board game.

Hmmm. I may have just convinced myself to give digital versions a try. Are you someone who will play a digital version of a board game? Or do you feel that board games should be played in person?

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