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A Place at the Table: While on vacation

Hi guys! I’m writing this post for APATT while on vacation for Stormageddon’s birthday. Although, by the time this is posted, we will already be home and unpacked and caught up on laundry (I hope. Laundry is never ending).

I’m writing while on vacation because of something that Number One and I always do when we go on vacation. We find board game stores in the city that we are visiting. Within the board game community, this may not be that strange of an event. I’m sure to people who aren’t as invested in board games as we are would find this unusual.

We have a couple of local places in Traverse City that we visit when we are on the search for new board games. But it’s always fun to go to a bigger city to see what they have. I’ll admit that this used to be much easier before we had the kids. Number One and I could walk into a store and browse as long as we wanted. We could pick out the games that we were interested in, and we’d compare and contrast to see which game (or games) appealed to us the most.

More often than not, when we set foot into a game store, we know exactly what we are looking to buy. But, sometimes it is nice to browse. You never know what treasure you might stumble upon. It was during a vacation in Colorado that I stumbled upon the game Marrying Mr. Darcy. I put it down and picked it back up at least 6 times while we were in the store. I’d never heard of it before. But being a literature nerd, there was just something about it that called to my book loving heart. We also saw a version of Scrabble that was The Princess Bride themed. We did not purchase that one even though I love The Princess Bride. When you have an English degree, no one wants to play Scrabble with you. And I don’t know that many people up here who happen to have English degrees

We’ve enjoyed every excursion that we have taken into a board game store while on vacation. And I’m hoping that we will find something interesting on this trip. Do you find yourself looking for board game destinations while on vacation?

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