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A Place at the Table: Introducing Esther

Hello gamers! We’re back with another installation of our interview series. Today’s interviewee is Esther. Esther has been playing games with the Traverse City Board Gamers since the very beginning of the group back in 2013. She was the first winner of our annual Ticket To Ride Tournament. You’ve likely seen her name pop up in posts that have the group stats about plays and wins and loses.

How did your board game journey start?

My grandma taught me how to play games, things like Chinese Checkers. As an adult, I started hanging out with Kyle, and he brought me back to playing board games.

What is your favorite style of board game?

I like pretty games. And Tetris-y style games with spatial reasoning. I also enjoy engine building games like Terraforming Mars.

What are your (current) favorite games?

Wingspan, Feast for Odin, and Patchwork.

Esther winning a copy of Dinosaur Island

How would you describe yourself as a gamer?

I’m a social gamer. It’s more about spending time with the people I care about than just winning whatever game we are playing.

What has been your greatest achievement in board gaming?

Beating the other Kyle at Sheriff of Nottingham. Beating Ramon at 5 Tribes. And, since I’m a social gamer, making friends.

Esther and crew playing Tapestry by Stonemaier Games

What direction would you like to see T.C.B.G. go in the future?

It would be nice to branch out to another location or another night. It could be fun to expand to trying different styles of game night.

When you aren’t playing games with TCBG, what else do you enjoy?

I like to play video games and hang out with my cats. I enjoy reading. And I’ve recently started wedding planning. (Author’s note: Esther also makes some amazing jewelry! She made the jewelry for my vow renewal, and I wear my earrings at least once a week because they are gorgeous.)

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