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A Place at the Table: Snacks

Hi guys! Today, let’s talk about one of my favorite things besides board games. Yes, we’re going to talk about food. More specifically, snacks that are good for eating while playing board games. I’m a snacker by nature, so I can’t imaging going to a game night and not having some sort of food to munch on. Now, if you’ll remember back to our etiquette post, greasy foods are generally a no-go.

Recently, I’ve been trying to be healthier about snacking while gaming. So, if you were to check my purse now, you’d probably find some freeze dried fruit. Not very exciting, I know. But it is still sweet, so I think I’m having some candy but at least the fruit is marginally better for me than a candy bar.

When I’m not eating freeze dried fruit, I lean more towards things that I can eat with one hand. Nothing that requires a fork because that means that I’ll need to put down my cards or potentially be otherwise engaged in my food when my turn comes back around. I also prefer one handed foods so that I’m only getting one hand dirty. Then I still have an uncontaminated hand to roll dice or hold cards. So spaghetti is probably not a good snack for game night.

Some simple ideas for quick, one-handed snacks.

I also lean more towards drier foods. No one really wants to clean up crumbs when they spill on a table. But it is far less damaging to brush crumbs off a board than it is to wipe up soup off a board. If I’m hosting game night, chances are high that you will find cheese and crackers as part of my spread.

Along the same lines of cheese and crackers, I find that veggies and dip are a good game night snack. They can usually be eaten with one hand. And as long as you aren’t waving your carrot dipped in ranch dressing over the board, you likely won’t damage anything.

We also like small candies like M&Ms and jelly beans for snacks. Again, these can be consumed one handed. As strange as it seems, I’ve discovered that deviled eggs are a popular snack at game nights. Deviled eggs don’t seem like a game night snack because it seems that someone always has messy fingers after eating one. But, they can be eaten with one hand, and in the case of some people that I know, they can be eaten in one bite.

A themed snack is always a hit with gamers.

As far as drinks, beer is always good for game nights, if you happen to enjoy beer. You can also find fizzy water at most of the game nights that Number One and I host simply because I like fizzy water. I try to provide drinks that aren’t super full of sugar so that if one does happen to spill, it won’t be as sticky.

In all things snack related, don’t forget to have napkins at the ready so that your players can clean off sticky fingers and try to keep your drinks away from the game itself. On the chance that a spill does happen, please remember that everyone saves the game!

Happy snacking! Let us know what your favorite snacks for game nights are.

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