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A Place at the Table: Subscription Boxes

Hello all! I hope that the summer is going well for everyone.

As a household with three kids ranging in age from 15 all the way down to 2, summer can be a crazy time for our family. It seems like all I do is drive kids around from one activity to another. That doesn’t exactly leave a lot of time to write, or sleep, or even explore new board games. That got me thinking about subscription boxes.

We are a subscription box household. Peep gets a learning box every month from Kiwi Crate which he loves. My mom gifts us the Universal Yums box every month that lets us try snacks from around the world.  Number One and I have even done a date night in a box subscription box. A subscription box for board games sounds like it would be a cool thing. The appeal of subscription boxes is that they are delivered directly to your door. In most cases, you get sample size things, but sometimes you get full-sized items (usually if you purchase the largest box available.) So, with the help of my good friend, Google, I dove into the internet to see if this was actually a thing. Lo and behold, board game subscription boxes ARE actually a thing. I did have to wade through some other game type boxes to find one or two that seemed to be sending actual board games.

There are boxes for escape room activities that you can make at home. RPG boxes. Boxes for dice lovers. And finally, I found a box that seemed to be focused more on board games. This service is called “Unbox Boardom.” Seems interesting. I’ll admit that the word nerd in me enjoyed the play on board/bored especially since I’ve heard many comments about playing “bored games.” We obviously don’t feel that way at our house. Let’s be serious, I write blogs for the website of a board game group. I have a love for board games. It appears that Unbox Boardom has 3 different levels of subscription plans that range in price from $29.99 to $31.99.

Founder & CEO of Unbox Boardom, Phil Jacobs

I think that this idea of subscription boxes for board games is a good idea for people who are new into the world of board gaming. Someone who doesn’t have a lot of games and is still learning about the style and type of game that he or she enjoys playing. From the website, it looks like Unbox Boardom provides 1 game per month with the customer picking between 3 different games. There is a ‘Trust the Experts’ option if you have no clue what you are looking for in a game. I don’t know how well it would work for more experienced gamers who already have a lot of games. Personally, I’d be worried about getting repeats of games that I already own, but that’s just me. As I haven’t personally used this subscription box service, I can’t give you a fully formed definitive answer on that area. But, if you like subscription boxes and you want to try out a new way of getting a board game, then I’d check it out.

Happy gaming everyone. See you soon!

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