A Place at the Table

A Place at the Table: Introducing Matt

Happy Monday, ya’ll. Next up in the interview series is Matt (or as he is known in my house, Mr. Matt). We’ve already met Matt’s son, Josiah, in an earlier interview.  Matt has been playing games with the TCBG since about 2017.

How did your board game journey start?

I’d always played board games as a kid.  I played Catan at a game night at church, and I was really excited about it. It was full of strategy and had lots of moving parts.

What is your favorite style of board game?

I like resource management games and worker placement games. Basically, anything with some strategy required. I like games where I’m not sure if I’m winning.

Making taking his turn during a game of Euphoria

What are your favorite board games right now?

Terraforming Mars, Keyforge, and Codenames.

What has been your greatest achievement in board gaming?

Coming in second on my first Ticket To Ride Tournament. And getting my kids involved in playing board games.

Where would you like to see TCBG go in the future?

I think that we are already headed in a great direction. I find new games to play each time I attend.

When you aren’t playing games with TCBG, what do you enjoy doing?

I can be found spending time with my family. I just started running. Oh, and I sing.

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