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A Place at the Table: Board Game Catering (or when 2 board gamers get married)

Happy summer, board gamers! It’s been another crazy couple of weeks here at the A Place at the Table house. The main reason behind the craziness was that Number One and I had our vow renewal on June 21st. It had been in the planning of for a few months. And it went over really well, if I do say so myself.  Now, I’m sure that you’re asking yourself what on earth our vow renewal has to do with board games. Well, I’m about to answer that for you. Ready? Here we go….

Most receptions offer dancing. Number One and I are not really dancers, so we decided to have board games at our reception rather than dancing. Number One and I have quite a few board games, but we don’t have enough to support 40-50 people playing board games. Enter board game catering. Yes, I said board game catering.

Headlands Waterfront Event Center just outside of Mackinaw City, Michigan

The basic concept is that you hire someone to provide the board games for your event. And that is what we did. Luckily for us, our local board game group, the Traverse City Board Gamers, offers board game catering. If you happen to be in the Traverse City and Northern Michigan area and are looking for someone to assist you with board game catering, please reach out, and we will be more than happy to help you out.

Here’s what was included in our board game catering event. We had initial consultation (through facebook messenger and in person) to figure out the number of people that would be playing games and what type of games Number One and I wanted included. We had a few games that we wanted to be included as options just because they are favorites for us.

The day of the event, Kyle brought all of the games up to our venue and set them up. He also brought along a Game Pro. Game Pros are people who are familiar with and knowledgeable about the games. The Game Pro is there to help you pick out a game, and he or she is also there to help set up and explain the rules and any other help that may be needed during the duration of your game. The Game Pro also helps keep track of which games are currently out on the table and making sure that all of the pieces of the game are accounted for when the game is returned to the table. Our game Pro did not have to do too much explaining since many of our guests were already fairly familiar with board games, so it was a fairly easy job for him that night. In most cases, there would be 2 Game Pros for a group of approximately 50 people. But, like I said, a large portion of our guests were familiar with board games and so we didn’t need 2 Pros.

As the bride, it was nice because I didn’t have to worry about explaining rules or worry about clean-up of the games. While I didn’t get to play any games myself because I was visiting with our guests, Number One had a chance to play some games and visit with people. For us, the option of playing board games was nice because it allowed for our guests to sit and visit and interact in a way that dancing doesn’t allow.

If you are looking for a unique activity for an event, board game catering is where it is at. It doesn’t have to be just a wedding reception. You may have a work function that needs an activity or a family reunion, board games work for both of those events. If you’re local to Traverse City, drop us a line if you have any questions. If you aren’t local to Traverse City, you may have to do some googling to find a similar service for your event.

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