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A Place at the Table: Board Games Reduce Stress?

Hey y’all. I hope your week has been fantastic. We’ve previously mentioned some of the benefits that playing board games can have for your children and playing board games with a significant other, but what about other benefits for you? Yes, even as an adult, you can reap some benefits from playing board games!

One of the benefits of playing board games is reducing your stress level. That’s a good benefit. I feel like as adults, we often have a lot of stress in our daily lives. You’ve got to figure out who is picking up the kids from where and what you are going to make for dinner and any other combination of things. Who doesn’t need some stress relief? It must depend on the type of game you play though. Because there are some games where it seems you want to jump out of your seat when someone makes a move that then affects the next 5 moves that you had planned in advance. But we did talk about the release of those love hormones while playing games, and that can certainly make you feel more relaxed. Board games offer a way to escape from reality for the moment which can certainly help with stress levels. If you can have 45 minutes to an hour (or longer depending on the game) where you don’t have to worry about the things that are going on in your outside life, you can probably reduce some stress in your life.

A perfect way to unwind is a game of ‘…and then we held hands’ with a play time of just 30 minutes.

Tying in with the reduced stress aspect, playing boards games may help with lowering your blood pressure. I’m sure a lot of the same reasoning behind reducing stress is what may help lower blood pressure.

Playing board games may help people overcome isolation. What better place to find some new friends than a board game community. There are so many types of board games and board game players that there is really something for everybody. While you can play solo on many games, most games require at least one other player. Some games require a lot of interaction while others don’t, so you can decide on the level of interaction that you want to have with the other player. Finding a local group can certainly help you find a community of people to hang out with, and you don’t have to be someone who owns 200 games to join or someone who has played board games for years in order to feel welcome. We, as board gamers, are pretty open and welcoming community. We want you to have fun and enjoy yourself. If you’re new to the group and have never played board games before but are needing some sort of adult interaction, just let us know. We will do what we can to make sure your time playing games with us is enjoyable.

The list of benefits can go on and on. And I can go on and on and on. So, we will stop this here for the moment, and I’ll do another post sometime in the future about how board games are beneficial. We may have another break from posts in a week or so while Number One and I head into the homestretch of our vow renewal. See ya soon, board gamers!

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