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A Place at the Table: Jim

Hi guys! The last two weeks have been crazy in my world, so I took a little break from writing so that I could take care of all the stuff I needed to, but I’m back now. I’ve missed you.  This week, I have another TCBG interview for you. I was finally able to sit down with some of our regular gamers and conduct some interviews, so you can look forward to seeing those interviews posted here over the summer. Here is what I’ve observed in all of my interviews. Asking a board gamer what their favorite board game is can be a difficult question. I usually have to temper the question with “what is your current favorite board game?” I’ve also learned that beating Kyle is often a gamers biggest achievement in board gaming.  This week, our subject is Jim. Jim has been playing board games with TCBG for about a year.

How did your board game journey start?

We had a family friend when I was a kid who had an educational store. It was there that I picked up a basic D&D game and started playing. I also started attending a local convention near where I grew up. I’ve only started board games fairly recently.

What is your favorite style of board game?

I like games where you build your resources and get an engine going. I like Euro style games.

What are your favorite board games?

I don’t think that I’ve played enough to have one favorite. My current favorites are Wingspan, Castles of Burgundy, and Concordia.

Jim playing Underwater Cities
 How would you describe yourself as a gamer?

 I’m a collector and designer. In 2014, I published a game about Mackinac Island. I’ve probably designed about a dozen games. I didn’t feel I knew enough about board games, so I started coming here. I own about a hundred games. I’m trying to get some classics so that I can start studying them.

What has been your greatest achievement in board games?

Winning Medieval Academy.

Jim and crew playing Carcassonne
What direction would you like to see TCBG go in the future?

I enjoy the group. It would be neat if we started doing some things together that require group effort like some tournaments to raise money for charities.

When you aren’t playing games with TCBG, what else do you enjoy doing?

I like walking my dogs in the woods. And I enjoy cooking.

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