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Game Night – December 1st-8th, 2018



Welcome to another installment of the Game Night review.

I’m excited for the month of December as Christmas is soon approaching.  Time with your friends and family are precious so spend them wisely.  Introduce them to some new and exciting games.

This week, we got many titles to the table.  Check out which ones in Our Playlist segment along with some statistics.

I’ve expanded The Shelf of Shame segment to focus on one game exclusively.  This is my small attempt to muster up some level of excitement.

We wrap things up with On Tap Next Week with all the games we will have on hand for the coming week.



Our Playlist


The Shelf of Shame


Designer:  Michael Feldkotter

Publisher:  Queen Games

Published Year:  2013

Player Count:  2-4

Play Time:  45 Mins

Complexity:  Medium Light

Mechanics:  Press Your Luck, Tile Placement, and Dexterity





Via Appia, the most famous road of the Roman Empire, is under construction. Be a part of this historic event and finish the road that connects Rome and Brindisi. Prove your intuition in the quarry to get the best stones. Whoever builds the most valuable sections and reaches the different cities early will be victorious and the mosfamous builder in all of Rome.

Rome needs a connection to Brundisium, and the players have been tasked with building the Via Appia in order to allow for fast travel between the two cities. To create the road, they’ll need to break off stone tiles in the quarry, then travel to Brundisium, laying out the tiles and creating the path that all will follow in the years ahead. This travel costs sesterces, but will bring crucial victory points and glory from Rome in return.

My Take

A good gimmick is always a welcome at my table.  Table presence and appeal is at a premium these days with a constant flood of the new games so these little touches get players fired up.  Via Appia appears to have that in spades.

Euro mechanics meets simple dexterity. All of which makes for a perfect blend of fun.  I’m excited to see this touch down on the game night table.


On Tap Next Week



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