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Month in Review – November 2017


Month in Review for November 2017

What’s on the Table!

All the plays compiled from November 1st to 30th.

We were able to see many new faces at our Sunday game nights at Earthen Ales.  Recently we have expanded to include Role-Playing games with has seen a strong following.  I’m hoping with the diversity of games and gamers at the tables that we can be a more welcoming atmosphere for anyone that have an interest in coming.  I’m very excited to see what this group has in store for the year of 2018.  Here are some of the statistics we have been tracking for the month of November.  


 Game Addition


The games haven’t been flowing into the T.C.B.G. collection as readily as previous months.  We have been busy preparing for our annual Ticket to Ride Tournament which went very well.  We did receive a new title via Kickstarter though that we were able to get played and are looking forward to seeing it get some play.

Cytosis: A Cell Building Game, from Genius Games and designed by John Coveyou, is a worker placement game for 2-5 players that takes 60-90 minutes.   In Cytosis, players find themselves inside a human cell performing actions associated with the biological functions of the cell.   These actions will provide resources in the form of mRNA, ATP, Carbohydrates, Lipids, and Proteins.  These resources will be used to build enzymes, hormones, and/or receptors, which will all score Health Points.  Player with the most Health Points at the end of the game wins.

This has a lot of value in not only fun, which it very much is, but also in education.  This company and designer puts a lot into research and development of their games to make sure they are scientifically accurate but don’t let that fact scare you away.  This game is quick to learn and even faster to enjoy.  If you’re interested in playing Cytosis, please request it for a game night in the future.

Gifts for Gamers that have “Everything”


It’s the season of giving and getting Christmas lists to people that don’t necessarily know about your gaming obsession.  I may be projecting here but I imagine there is at least one or two of you that have this problem.  You pass out a list of games that you want for Christmas and you don’t get what you want…exactly.  Whistle Stop is at the top of your list and you unwrap an actual whistle or Patchwork is on the list and someone buys you a blanket.  This can be an issue so what do you do.  This sounds weird but don’t ask for games from people who don’t have the insight you have.  Instead ask for gamer related gifts.  Here are some great ideas.


Board Game Carrying Case


This is wonderful for the gamers that need to haul the collection off site to a game night event.  They protect the goods and are comfortable as well.  Check these out!

Dice Towers, Bags, or Cups


I love dice accessories.  They make the playing experience tidy and give the game some curb side appeal for bystanders at game night.  Pick something like this up for the gamer you love and they will be rolling in fashion.  Check these out!


Board Game Calendar


Keep track of all the important dates and events with the Traverse City Board Gamers and be reminded of some great games to check out with a Board Game Calendar.  Check this Out!


Wyrmwood Dice Trays


These are beautiful and a wonderful gaming accessory.  Availability is limited and may not get to your gamer before the big day but one that they will truly cherish and appreciate for years to come.  Check these out!


Card Holders


Organization is key for bringing a game to the table more often.  Set up and clean up time can often be the reason you pick one game over another.  Fix the organizational woes of your gamer with this gift.  Check this out!

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