Our 2015 Best Played Games

Lots of games hit the table this year.  They were a great mixture of some old and some new games.  We polled some of our consistent attendees to our game night at Right Brain Brewery.  This is their favorite games that they played in 2015.

Caroline –  Ticket To Ride


“Simple gameplay but the strategic play has great potential.”

Greg – Carcassone


I don’t think he has ever turned down a game of this.  He was excited enough about the game  to help me make the giant version we play in the summer.


Kalin –  Machi Koro


“I liked the buildings and the different paths to victory.  i also like the multiplayer aspect of @#$%ing over people and the dynamic it creates in the game.”


Kenz –  New York 1901



“It’s an easy game that can be as deep as you want to make it.  I would love an expansion on it!”


Jessica – Pandemic


Interestingly enough Jessica got hooked on Pandemic Legacy that she went out and bought the original Pandemic.  She has been actively teaching everyone she knows how to play this.


Craig – Red7


Craig is our wild card player.  You never know what to expect when you step into the proverbial ring with this guy.  Perfect little card game for someone like that.


Eric – Machi Koro


Obviously this is a group favorite.  I’m not surprised to see its popularity.


Kate – Viticulture


I thought Kate this game during one of game nights with some regular gamers.  I’m worried when I teach this game as its one of my favorites but see latched on and played quite well for her first game.


Mike – Dead of Winter


This game draws in most and Mike was no exception.


Aaron – Viticulture


We spent a lot of hours playing Viticulture and the expansion at one of our local wineries.  Every game we “uncorked” a new module from the expansion.  Paired with some great conversations and great wine this game is a win.


Megan – Pandemic


All I can say to Megan is I feel Pandemic Legacy in your future.

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