Kyle’s Top 100 Board Games – 100-51

I like games and I’ve played quite a few of them.  I’ve played enough now to have built up my top 100 board games.  I feel it is pertinent to state a few caveats before I dive in.

Just because a game is not on this list doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy that game.  There were a lot of games that just didn’t make the cut that I do enjoy–but these titles are my favorites.   These are the cream of the crop in my humble opinion.  Also I would like to point out that my favored style of game usually carries a heavy theme and narrative.  I love a good story, and a majority of my top games carry that quality.

These are the bottom 50 listed here.  I will not be giving any detail behind the placement here,but in my next 50 I will be giving a little detail behind its placement.  Without any further delays, I give you my Top 100 to 51 board games.

100.  Boss Monster

99.  Wits and Wagers

98.   Haggis

97.  Coup

96.  Bad Beets

95.  LIE

94.  Sushi Go!

93.  Concept

92. One Night Ultimate Werewolf

91. Tiny Epic Galaxies

90.  Acquire

89.  HUE

88.  Diamonds

87.  The Red Dragon Inn

86.  Snake Oil

85.  Fleet

84.  Love Letter

83.  Yard Master

82.  Blokus

81.  Timeline

80.  Mission Red Planet

79.  Qwirkle

78.  Fairy Tale

77.  Fidelitas

76.  Birds of a Feather

75.  Forbidden Island

74.  Small World

73.  No Thanks

72.  Sheriff of Nottingham

71.  Forbidden Desert

70.  Bang! The Dice Game

69.  Carcassonne

68.  Tides of Time

67.  Jambo

66.  Mancala

65.  Ca$h N’ Guns (Second Edition)

64.  Codenames

63.  Dixit

62.  Camel Up

61.  Freedom : The Underground Railroad

60.  Rampage (Terror in Meeple City)

59.  King of Tokyo

58. GEM

57.  Jolly Roger : The Game of Piracy and Mutiny

56.  Space Alert

55.  Battle Line

54.  Coloretto

53.  Imperial Settlers

52.  RoboRally

51.  Flash Point : Fire Rescue

Stay tuned for a detailed Top 50 games–coming soon!


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