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Board Game Diary: Why do you need an expansion?

You crack the cellophane wrapping off your latest board game acquisition and dive into the bits with an immeasurable amount of exuberance.  The fresh smell of new plastic and cardboard envelopes you as you unpack each tiny package within the box. Like a child on Christmas, a smile is plastered on your face as you feast your eyes over your new prized possession.  Without any hesitation and several dropped bits, you fanatically race to the table to set it up and get the thing played before this feeling dissipates. You start, play, and then finish with the same excitement going in as you had going out.   You’ve attained nirvana.  

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A Place at the Table

A Place at the Table: Co-op games

Hello gamers! And welcome to another episode of A Place at the Table. We’ve had a nice little break as my household finished up summer and got back into the swing of things for the newest year of homeschooling for Peep and Stormageddon.

What’s on the docket for today, you ask? Let’s talk about co-op (cooperative) games .  I’ll admit that here in the A.P.A.T.T. household, we don’t have a lot of co-op games. We have a couple that we pull out when we have larger groups of people over, but when it is just Number One and me at the house, we stick with non-co-op games.

There are some things that I like about co-op games and some things that I don’t like about them.

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A Place at the Table Blogs

A Place at the Table: Introducing Esther

Hello gamers! We’re back with another installation of our interview series. Today’s interviewee is Esther. Esther has been playing games with the Traverse City Board Gamers since the very beginning of the group back in 2013. She was the first winner of our annual Ticket To Ride Tournament. You’ve likely seen her name pop up in posts that have the group stats about plays and wins and loses.

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A Place at the Table Blogs 4

A Place at the Table: Gaming podcasts with special guest Power to the Meeple

Well, hello there, gamers! I hope the weekend treated you well and that you had a chance to play some board games. Today’s subject is podcasts. Yes, podcasts. As a member of the Xennial generation, podcasts are a part of my everyday life. I may not listen to them every single day, but Number One does, and he shares with me the things that he listens to. As you may know, there are podcasts for just about every interest under the sun. Board games are no exception! There are a variety of board game podcasts available for you to listen to.

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Coming Soon

Coming Soon: Labor Day Weekend Giveaway Edition

We are going to do something a little different with this installment of Coming Soon. We are coming into the Labor Day weekend which we decided to throw an end of the summer party for all the gamers in the group. This will include a little giveaway of 10 different games! I want to showcase those titles to give everyone a little insight of what will be there and to see what potentially could be coming soon to the tables here at Game Night.

The festivities being 4:00 pm on Sunday, September 1st 2019 at Earthen Ales. We hope to see you there and good luck! Enjoy.

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Game Night

Game Night – July 2019

July comes and goes in a flash. Festivals, events, beaches, and lakes fill our time with many activities. It would appear from the statistics this month that many have put the gaming on the back burner for a short while. Who could blame them with this gorgeous weather which we can only enjoy for a short time? Let’s take a look at the happens last month at Game Night.

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