Kyle’s Top 100 Games – 50-41

50.  Libertalia

Designer –  Paolo Mori

Publisher –   Asmodee

Year Published –   2012

Players –   2 – 6

Play Time –   45 minutes


In Libertalia is a card game that all players place pirates in there employ on a ship to go plundering.  All the while players must thwart the plans of the other players over the course of three rounds while using cards that show the same crew members as your opponents. Each pirate under your control will have different abilities that you can take advantage of at the right time.

This is a highly tactical game that rewards you for proper timing.  Everyone at the table will essentially have access to the exact same pirates as you do but its the order at which they are played is where the meat and potatoes of this game is.  Not only is order essential but what you take as plunder as well.  Some of the loot is cursed which can hurt you at the end of each round.

Lots of things are going on here and its one that is always fun to see hit the table.

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Review – Tokaido



Game Break Down

In Tokaido, players will be traveling down the legendary east sea road connecting Kyoto to Edo.  During your travels you will be stopping at various locations in the attempt to create the most richest experience of all players.  Players will be witnessing the countryside, tasting the culinary specialties, purchasing souvenirs, bathing in the hot springs, and meeting the locals to accomplish this goal.

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Kyle’s Top 100 Board Games – 100-51

I like games and I’ve played quite a few of them.  I’ve played enough now to have built up my top 100 board games.  I feel it is pertinent to state a few caveats before I dive in.

Just because a game is not on this list doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy that game.  There were a lot of games that just didn’t make the cut that I do enjoy–but these titles are my favorites.   These are the cream of the crop in my humble opinion.  Also I would like to point out that my favored style of game usually carries a heavy theme and narrative.  I love a good story, and a majority of my top games carry that quality.

These are the bottom 50 listed here.  I will not be giving any detail behind the placement here,but in my next 50 I will be giving a little detail behind its placement.  Without any further delays, I give you my Top 100 to 51 board games.

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Ramon’s Top 10 Games

This will be a short list of ten of my favorite table top games. I would like to note that the order I have these in is probably my preferred as far as any ranking can go, but I took a different approach to my “top ten” list. I made a point to include a greater diversity of games. I did this because, in all honesty, my preferences as a gamer lean towards more deeply complex games. I would like for this list to incorporate games that I find thoroughly enjoyable, regardless of if they are my preferred type of game. I would also like to point out that I enjoy fluid mechanics in the games I play, and thematic consistency is not very important to me. With this is mind I won’t likely touch on the theme aspect of the games in my list very much. Though without further ado, I suppose we should dive right in:

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