Review – Splendor





Designer –     Marc Andre

Publisher –     Space Cowboys and Asmodee

Year Published –     2014

Players –     2 – 4

Play Time –     30 mins



Game Break Down


You are gem merchants of the Renaissance trying to become the most prestigious of your trade.  You will do this by acquiring gem mines, transportation, jewelers, and shops.  If you accumulate enough wealth and renown then you may see a visit from a noble which will help you pave a path to victory. Continue reading


Kyle’s Top 100 Games – 40-31

40.     Glass Road


Designer –   Uwe Rosenberg

Publisher –   Z-Man Games

Year Published –   2013

Players –   1 – 4

Play Time –   75 mins


Glass Road is all about making glass in the Bavarian Forest.  You must manage your glass and brick production on one of the most inventive devices if seen used in a game.  You must use a roundel which will adjust the values of your goods with the production of others.  This makes for a very rewarding game experience when you try to master this beast.

You will also be working with your aquired materials to construct buildings that will give you bonuses at the end of the round.  Cut the forest to make room for new buildings and spread and remove ponds, pits and groves to supply yourself with the items you need to do so.

There are 15 workers that will be available to use that all other players will have access to as well.  On your turn you decide which five workers to place in your hand.  If played and no other players have this worker in their hand then the worker performs both the actions on the card.  Only one action is performed if the card is in others hands.  This makes for another interesting aspect of this game.  Lots of great ideas in this game all brought together under one roof. Continue reading


Review – Pandemic Legacy : Season 1 (Spoiler Free)

Pandemic Legacy : Season 1

Designer –   Rob Daviau and Matt Leacock

Publisher –   Z-Man Games

Year Published –   2015

Players –   2 – 4

Play Time –   60 min





This game plays very differently than a typical board game plays so I feel I need to begin with a little explanation of how I am going to review this.  This game evolves and changes with every game so the game that you play will not be same as the game you played previously.  It will add new game mechanics and components as you play into the year (in game).  Your experience will be molded by the decisions that you and your group make that gives each experience a unique feel.  I will not be posting any spoilers as mentioned in the title so you don’t have to worry.  I made sure the pictures were all things you would be able to see from the game out of box and without any of the added materials.  Lets begin!

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Kyle’s Top 100 Games – 50-41

50.  Libertalia

Designer –  Paolo Mori

Publisher –   Asmodee

Year Published –   2012

Players –   2 – 6

Play Time –   45 minutes


In Libertalia is a card game that all players place pirates in there employ on a ship to go plundering.  All the while players must thwart the plans of the other players over the course of three rounds while using cards that show the same crew members as your opponents. Each pirate under your control will have different abilities that you can take advantage of at the right time.

This is a highly tactical game that rewards you for proper timing.  Everyone at the table will essentially have access to the exact same pirates as you do but its the order at which they are played is where the meat and potatoes of this game is.  Not only is order essential but what you take as plunder as well.  Some of the loot is cursed which can hurt you at the end of each round.

Lots of things are going on here and its one that is always fun to see hit the table.

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Review – Tokaido



Game Break Down

In Tokaido, players will be traveling down the legendary east sea road connecting Kyoto to Edo.  During your travels you will be stopping at various locations in the attempt to create the most richest experience of all players.  Players will be witnessing the countryside, tasting the culinary specialties, purchasing souvenirs, bathing in the hot springs, and meeting the locals to accomplish this goal.

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