Quick Looks Review – Ticket to Ride : India

This is a special quick looks review as I’m writing this after my second play instead of my first.  I don’t think my second play really adjusted my opinion of the game but it did give me some perspective on the four player experience.  I’m also only reviewing the India map and not the Switzerland map.  They do vary in rules so Ill be doing these separately. I’m also writing this with the assumption that the reader has played the original Ticket to Ride. Let’s get to it. Continue reading

Game Night 2

Month in Review – June 2016

Our month was one to remember.  Not just at the table but also in all of our lives.  We have two members that are expecting new additions to their family.  Lots of new friends were introduced to the group.  I’m really excited to see what the remaining months of summer have in store for the game group.  I’m hoping that this will include bonfires, beaches, hikes, drinks, and meeples.  Let us dive right into the meat and potatoes of the data collected.   Continue reading


Quick Looks Review – Nippon

My first play of this was of the two player variety this time which is becoming less frequent.  I find more players are willing to venture down the rabbit hole of a new board game now that the confidence has been established.  I have taught almost my entire collection and I am not the only expert of the group anymore.  This play was accompanied by my fellow heavy gamer Ramon and we dove into the heavy euro that is Nippon. Continue reading


Board Games 101 – Cooperative vs. Semi-Cooperative

We all love to play.  It’s something we do to interact with each other and find relief from our daily stress.  Some of the games we play don’t actually help with this unfortunately as they can be difficult and conflictive.  This may be the type of player who wants to play a game that alters the game play atmosphere into something that promotes teamwork instead.  It is in Cooperative games or Semi-Cooperative games that they will find their fun.

Continue reading

Game Night

Month in Review – May 2016

We have had an interesting month with lots of changes to the way we structure the evenings.  Our biggest change that I believe is a set for the positive is the request book.  In this book, attendees will be able to write down a particular game that they would like to play and also they date that they would like to play it.  I’m hoping that the requests will be more abundant with this structure as opposed to the requests via Facebook which I find doesn’t get utilized at all. Continue reading


Board Games 101 – Meeples

Meeples are found throughout a wide variety of games but what are they?

Non Gamers might be kind of confused when hearing this term.  It almost sounds like a snack that could be kept at the table during the game.  In this short installment of Board Games 101, we will be defining the term meeple and also flesh out the different variety of meeples in games. Continue reading

Reviews 2

Quick Looks Review – The Ancient World


In this segment we will be giving our first impressions of a game on our first play.  This is subject to change as we play the game further and find the elements that can only come from several plays.  I like to at least play a game 5 times before I solidify my final and full review of a game.  Hopefully this will help to see what is coming down the road for our game group and to see if a game is a good fit for your game group. Continue reading

Game Night

Month in Review – April 2016


We are now feeling the winds of spring here in Michigan but also the winds of change as well.  We are growing and we intend to make a few changes.  These changes include writing a charter for any new players coming into the fold.  I don’t feel like our current members need a rule set but I’m worried about possibility of someone coming in that would cause problems.  This is just a small step that we can take to ensure that new people can come in and be assured that these situations will be controlled. Continue reading