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A Place at the Table: Introducing Hayden

Hey ya’ll! I hope the week has treated you well. How about another interview with a member of the TCBG? Today’s subject is Hayden. Hayden has been joining us for Sunday afternoon game nights for about a year.

How did your board game journey start?

I played Monopoly and Life because those were the ones that were simple enough to understand as a kid. There was another one I played but I can’t remember the name. It was a weird game about an inheritance and everyone had to stay in the mansion for a night.

What style of game do you like the best?

I like card games. I mean games that have cards as their main driving force rather than dice.

What has been your greatest achievement in board games?

I beat Spirit Island once. It’s designed as the opposite of Catan. I beat a computer at chess once.

Where would you like to see TCBG go in the future?

I’d like to see more themed months. We did Halloween and horror themed in October, and I liked that. So, I like the idea of more themed game nights.

When you aren’t playing games with TCBG, what are you doing?

I’m probably playing video games.

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