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A Place at the Table: Next Time Noller

Hello, fellow board gamers! Up next in our introduction series is Noller. He does have a first name, David, but most of us at game night just call him Noller or Next Time Noller.  When Noller isn’t playing board games with the TCBG, he can be found leading a board game group for his high school students or playing the saxophone with a local band.

How did your board game journey start?

I was in an R.P.G. group and Kyle joined that group, and he invited me to board game night. That was 3 years ago.

How long have you been playing board games?

Aside from Monopoly, 3 years. It was never a thing until I joined this group

What is your favorite style of board game?

Worker placement games.  I don’t love euro style. The games have to be pretty.

Your favorite board game(s)?

My favorite games change every week. Two of the consistent ones are Lords of Waterdeep and Little Flower Shop.

What type of gamer are you?

I’m Next Time Noller. I always have a play a game and about 60 percent through I figure out how to play it, so I’ll do better next time.  (Author’s note: if you play a game with Noller, and it is his first time playing the game, the chances are really high that you will hear him say “Next time”. Hence, the Next Time Noller.

What has been your greatest achievement in board games?

I beat Kyle at Splendor on the very last turn.  And getting to the point where I understand the mechanics of a game quicker.

What direction would you like to see TCBG go in the future?

More time to play. I liked that we are reaching out to bring in new people. More people come now that didn’t come a year ago.

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