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A Place at the Table: Evil Eric

Hello, Gamers! I’ve decided to do a series of posts introducing you to the gamers in the Traverse City Board Gamers. The chances are high that I will reference them at some point, and I’d like for you to know who they are. Some of them also write reviews and posts for this site, and you may want to get more about them. Or you may not. The choice is up to you. I plan to intersperse the introductions with other blog posts because who really wants to read 20 different introduction pieces all at once.

I had initially planned to start this series with Kyle Delgado because he is the founder of our group and the one who runs this site and compiles all of the stats and other various information that can be found here. But, he has said that he isn’t interested in reading about himself. Don’t worry, though. An interview with him will be coming because if you are new to the area and our group, I think you ought to know who will be hosting the game night that you attend.  Kyle will come later. In the meantime, let’s start with Number One because I have unlimited access to him. Number One is more commonly known as Eric Homminga. Within our group, he is referred to as Evil Eric. I’m not sure who exactly came up with that nickname, but it stuck.

Eric Homminga with his 2nd Place 2018 Ticket to Ride Trophy

How did your board game journey start?

I used to play Monopoly and Life as a kid, but my first foray into modern board games was when I found the game Axis and Allies back in high school. My coworkers and I would play it every weekend, and sometimes every day, for a couple of years. I also played Fortress America and Titan. Years went by and I didn’t play any games. My time was spent going out to bars with friends. One night, I was bored at home and turned on YouTube to view different things. I stumbled across Wil Wheaton playing Zombie Dice. He was doing trivia, and I knew the answers to the questions he asked in the video. I found myself enjoying watching a video of people playing board games more than going out to the bar with friends. After that, I discovered that there are conventions for board games. I traveled down to St Louis for a convention. This was a couple of weeks after I discovered Wil Wheaton, I played nonstop for 2 days in a row and bought 8 board games. And I kept looking for a group in TC. This was a couple of years before Kyle started TCBG. I checked out a couple of groups, but they seemed to be more discussions on board games rather than playing them. I actually met Kyle at one of these events.

How long have you been playing games with TCBG?

Since the inception of the group. I remember playing with Kyle in a different group.

Eric and Abby playing Santorini

What is your favorite style of board game?

I like worker placement games. I like board games where people start off on the same level with no special powers. I like the ability to affect other people’s game play by destroying things and manipulating the system.

What are your favorite board game(s)?

Lords of Waterdeep and Nippon

How did you get the nickname Evil Eric?

There were 2 Erics in the group. And one had to be evil. Others will say it is because I enjoy messing with other people. I enjoy winning, but more important than winning is to destroy someone else who thought that they were going to win. (Author’s note: we will also be talking to the other Eric to get his take on these nicknames.)

Eric H, Ryan, Eric B, and Abby (left to right) playing Snap Attack.

What type of gamer are you?

One who destroys other gamers (author’s note: this does not make him sound like a fun person to play games with, but he really is). I like to try multiple strategies. I might win with one strategy, and then the next time I play, I will try another strategy. I like to look at it from other points in order to handle different scenarios.

What has been your greatest achievement in board games?

Getting my wife into board games. And getting my children excited to play games even though they are still little.

What direction would you like to see TCBG go in the future?

To create an organization that is bigger than any one person. I want people to be able to play together on game nights but also feel comfortable getting together at other times outside of the main group to play games. It should be a place where likeminded people can have fun and be comfortable.

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