Game Night

Game Night – July 8th, 2018



July 4th in Traverse City means the National Cherry Festival.  We had lots of people in town for the festival and Game Night was at the tail end of the festival.  Our turn out was very nice as I feel the locals get a little stir crazy.  Most of whom stay at home for the festival to avoid the massive traffic and crowds.

I was excited also to get a few new games introduced to the group like Memoir ’44.  There will be more on that title in the analysis section of this post.  Hopefully you find that entertaining.  Let us begin!


Games Played




Terraforming Mars


Memoir ’44


Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game


Lanterns: The Harvest Festival


Nemo’s War










Total Plays at Game Night –  2

Top Ranked Player –  Ramon R. and Kyle D. (2 Wins, 100% Win Percentage)

Most Total Plays –  Eric B. (4 Plays)

Longest Win Streak –  Ramon R. and Kyle D. (2 Wins)

Current Win Streak –  Ramon R. and Kyle D. (2 Wins)


I’ve decided recently to jump backward and to see what gaming was like before I jumped into the mix.  I really started to get into gaming in 2007 with games like Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, Bohnanza, and Dominion.  It was then that I started diving into what was the latest and greatest games that were out all the while being told that games were getting better by media personalities.  I do agree with this sentiment but I took this as the games of the past were not that good.  They were dated and not worth the time to look into.  This changed a few months ago when I found myself wanting to play the older stuff in collection again and started me down a path of nostalgia.

What games had I looked over with disdain for games of the past?  Memoir ’44 were among those games I chose to ignore.  I’ve had friends and fellow gamers recommend that I give this one a try but I was lost in the cult of the new.  With a renewed sense of myself, I picked up Memoir ’44 on a recent sale on and introduced it to the group.  It was a success and has affirmed my interest into the games of the past.

This miniatures war game is simple, quick, and fun.  The rules are not overly complicated which makes teaching a breeze.  The gameplay is fast as players will be gunning from turn one and scenarios built for quick play.  The times that this was payed always had players playing multiple games in a row.  It’s because of all of this that Memoir ’44 may have to stay in the weekly collection at game night for a long stay.  It’s the perfect response to the new player that shows up to Game Night with a love for Risk.  Similar tactical decisions in a fraction of the time to play it.




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