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Game Night – April 29th 2018



The sun is starting to warm up northern Michigan.  Soon this town of ours will be swamped with tourists looking to take in our amazing beaches and maybe a board game or two.  This week, unfortunately, was still a bit chilled but the sun was out and a lot warmer than it has been in a while so the traffic in the brewery was slower.  This usually this means that game night attendance is down as well but nothing that would stop a good gamer from their games.  Here is what we played and some of my thoughts on this.  


Games Played







Sagrada has quickly become a game night favorite for many in the group.  It’s simple rules and engaging gameplay make an amazing casual game experience.  The graphic design and artwork are also gorgeous with a kaleidoscope of colors popping from every corner of the table.  I’m sure this will be an evergreen title that will help bring new players into the fold of board gaming.

We played this as an quick and easy ice breaker for the evening.  It’s nice in that respect when your waiting to see who will be showing up for game night.  I don’t want to bore anyone with a rules breakdown of this game so instead I will direct you to a wonderful YouTube channel that will explain how it is played for anyone who may be interested.  Look for the link below this analysis.

Our game started a bit differently than how the rules direct as we were given one window panel card and decided personally which side to use.  I was dealt a promotional card that I had picked up for the game which had a difficulty rating of 6.  This window panel had no open sections on it where anything can go but had either a die face or color in every section.  I didn’t realize the difficulty that this board would be at first so I chose this side as a “light challenge”.  I was the starting player in this four player showdown and made my first mistake on  the first turn by not using the rule breaking cards.  One of those cards allowed players to draft two dice instead of one on your turn.  This is crucial when you consider that if you are going first in turn order that you will get first and last choice of dice.  My window panel was so constricting that I really needed to utilized this to its fullest.  I started the game too casually for the level of difficulty I chose to play.

Needless to say, I lost this game.  I focused much of my time on simply placing dice into my window panel and not enough on point maximization.  The end result was a less than perfect window that scored me little points in the end.  I’m not surprised but it did teach a valuable lesson of attention and also of the experience that some of these window panels can provide.  Some are simple fun and others can be a cruel beast if you’re not on your game.

Watch it Played YouTube Video of Sagrada



This doesn’t come out to game night as much as I would like it to.  The game is fairly long and gets even longer as you add more players.  It also has the issue of being quite the table hog even with my Broken Token organizer tray.  I enjoy it every time it does see some table time though and this time was no different.

We were playing a 6 player game which is usually something I do like doing in this game but we had the players and the interest so we proceeded.  I decided while setting up to use the advanced room tiles as I felt all players at the table could handle the extras.  The game ran smoothly and efficiently as new and old players grasped the concepts quickly.  I have the feeling that everyone had a good time with the game and would like to play it again.

I’m always surprised with this games ability to have multiple avenues to victory.  I did happen to win this game with little strategy going into to it.  I started with trying to gather up both boars from the player board as soon as possible so I could maximize the breeding phase on the harvest as soon as possible.  My thoughts switched from this to farming wheat and vegetables.  I starting establishing crop fields as to solidify my food source along with the room that gives 5 food for 1 wheat and 1 vegetable.  Finally I moved on to getting as many dwarves as I could which is an unusual thought for me.  Food is always a stress source for me when I play this and adding more dwarves increases this.  I was able to end the game with 4 dwarves and an ample food source to feed them.  Late game I moved my sights on maximizing points through gathering rubies and coin and building up my ore and ruby mines.  This turned out well for me and something I plan to dive into deeper on my next play.


How to Play Caverna – No BS Guide YouTube Video


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