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Month in Review – April 2016


We are now feeling the winds of spring here in Michigan but also the winds of change as well.  We are growing and we intend to make a few changes.  These changes include writing a charter for any new players coming into the fold.  I don’t feel like our current members need a rule set but I’m worried about possibility of someone coming in that would cause problems.  This is just a small step that we can take to ensure that new people can come in and be assured that these situations will be controlled.

Also I am planning on taking a more fine tuned approach to how we document the statistics of the month.  I will start to track the actual game stats like the scores and the winners.  I feel this will give the members that show up a little something extra to be excited about.  I want to start to further elaborate how much I appreciate the members that we already have and not just the new people that are showing up.  It’s the single greatest reason we started the group is to show how much we appreciate this community.





April Statistics

Total Plays –     40

Total Different Games Played –     37

Total Games Brought to All Combined Game Nights (Personally) –     118

Average Weight (Depth and Difficulty) of Games Played (1-5 Scale) –     2.1

Heaviest (Depth) Game Played –     Tzolk’in

Lightest (Depth) Game Played –     Fluxx

Most Played Short Game (Play time 30 mins or less) –     Zany Penguins

Most Played Long Game (Play time more than 30 mins) –     Splendor

This month has shown a huge change toward more complex games.  I think this is also elaborated by the fact that more games were played this month as opposed to the previous month which really gives weight to the .34 change in game weight.  I would love to see a move to more difficult games so players can really see the full array that board games have covered since the days of Monopoly and Scrabble.  Obviously I don’t want to deter anyone who wants to play those games but I also want to see all varieties at the table.




My thoughts on the month of April were ones of reflection.  In May we will have been holding or weekly game nights at Right Brain Brewery for one year.  We started with as little as two or three players having some fun with a few board games.  Since then the total amount of players on average has dramatically changed to 10 to 15 and the amount of games we play is vastly higher.  I think at this stage it’s important to look back and see where we started and appreciate the progress.  I’m always one to look to the future and strive for lofty goals but rarely look back and enjoy the view.  This month next month we have some great plans in the works that I feel will really punch us into the future and I want to incorporate all the people that have been there from the beginnings.  Without the dedication of some great people, we wouldn’t be where we are today and I would like to thank them for all the extra work.

Thank you!




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