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Month in Review – February 2016

Our weekly game night at Right Brain Brewery in Traverse City has been slowly growing in popularity.  I’m noticing a lot of new people showing up and seeing what happens at our game nights.  I’ve been keeping some statistics so we can further improve the setting for the fun of all.  Here is what I found.




Total Plays –     53

Number of Different Games Played –     37

Average Weight (Depth) of Game Played (1-5 scale) –     1.944

Heaviest Game Played –     Magic : The Gathering

Lightest Game Played –     Animal Upon Animal

Most Played Small Game (Play time less than 30 mins) –     Codenames

Number of Small Games Played –     12

Most Played Large Game (Play time more than 30 mins) –     Dead of Winter, Pandemic the Cure, Mysterium, Between Two Cities, and Zombicide.

Number of Large Games Played –     25




The changes from last month were a interesting that the level of difficulty of games being played have slightly increased.  This may be a statistic that was effected by the increased amount of larger games that were played during game night.  I did hear attendees often asking for more complex games to be played and taught.  Moving forward I feel this will only increase as the previously introduced games that are on the lighter side lose a little bit of their luster.  I also believe that confidence in the titles already introduced will inspire players to branch out to new titles that share similar qualities.

One trend that I noticed with the players that attend is the grouping mentality.  It seems that the people that show up to game night like to play and converse with friends and family.  I would like the group to be more cohesive and more closely intertwined with all attending players.  Above all this group is about cultivating the idea of community.  I understand that some have a hard time with new people and new situations so I will not press the issue in the future.  I’m planning on being as inviting as possible with the intent on letting players remain within their comfort zone.


Happy Gaming!

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